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  Shakespeare's King Lear is much larger than life, its story so painful and yet so universal that it has captured the imagination of people the world over, from the early seventeenth century to the very end of the twentieth. None of Shakespeare’s other plays quite match it in scope: we can sympathize with Hamlet’s emotional impotence, tremble with Juliet’s youthful passion, or see with frustration Iago’s deception of Othello -- yet none of these characters are able to work their way under our skin the way Lear does, because in a very profound way he is every one of us. And just as Shakespeare succeeds in making Lear Everyman, he also makes Lear’s daughters and their husbands universal representations of evil and good. The power of King Lear, like all of Shakespeare’s great plays, is that the playwright is able to present man simultaneously in all his aspects, and in doing so, he has embodied the struggle of every individual human being against the forces that oppose him.
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